Connection ID + passcode?


It has most likely been thoroughly considered by the developer, but I am curious as to why only use id instead of id (which stays the same with computer) + passcode (which can be changed)? seems to be different from most other apps.

there are certain benefits of having ID+passcode structure. For example, a permanet ID could allow a user specified passcode shared with trusted parties (for example the unattended access password in teamviewer), while the randomly generated passcode for one-off access


Staff member
Using an 11 digit only ID (as per competition) is not safe at all and a collision probability is very high when 500k IDs are used/registered simultaneously.

We DO NOT want a collision to happen EVER (that is why we are increasing ID length to 13 in one of the next releases). Think of it as an ID+passcode mixed together.

For one-off access we suggest using the Quick Support tool which comes bundled with commercial version (and allows branding).
Quick Support has a different ID assigned to the same machine.

We might add passcode in version 2.0 though.