Remotly PC v1.19.2 is now available!


Staff member
Dear All,

In this update we have changed the way "Allow Connections" option works.

Desktop 7-5-2024 8-55-13 PM-71.png

After disabling this option all incoming connections to host/server using Connection ID code are rejected and will not even reach this machine.
Connections using normal access (by device name from remote computer list) or using invitations still works for incoming connections.

Other changes in this update include:
- Fixed infinite "try to login" notification after starting Remotly PC with network disabled
- Further performance improvements in Game Mode
- It is now possible to connect to the remote machine using Connection ID code (as long as it is enabled using the option described above) when there are no users logged on to PC
- Branding company logo is now visible in the Authorization Popup instead of generic Remotly logo in Remotly Quick Support tool