Achieving ultra low latency during connection


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Hi All,

Many of you are asking us, how to achieve the lowest lag during connections (either for work or gaming). The lag/delay is related with the network latency between the client and the server. If, for example, you are connecting to your computer from the same city or from a distance of up to 300km (186miles) either using wired or mobile network, P2P should give good results. If P2P connection is not possible Remotly will try to connect using one of the nearest cloud connection (Connect Anywhere) servers. To make sure P2P connection is used make sure to DISABLE "Force Connect Anywhere" option:

Desktop 3-16-2023 12-22-23 AM-568.png

Desktop 3-16-2023 12-22-58 AM-108.png

To enter these settings please press the settings (cog) button next to the CONNECT button.

Desktop 3-16-2023 12-32-10 AM-634.png