How to connect to a remote PC that has monitors turned off (save power and $$$)?


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Hi Everyone,

Many thanks to our user vamp who has found an awesome solution for making remote PC's GPU work at full speed (not switching to a software display) after turning off remote monitor physically. Please find a step by step tutorial below:

1. Connect one of the remote PC monitors using two cables to your GPU (in our example Display Port and HDMI ports are used, you will need to use 2 cables !!! ):

Desktop Image 7-3-2023 1-39-52 PM-773.jpg

2. Right click on your desktop and select "Display Settings"

Desktop Image 7-3-2023 1-40-35 PM-145.jpg

3. In "Display settings" scroll to section "Multiple displays", select "Show only on 1"

Desktop Image 7-3-2023 1-40-54 PM-909.jpg

4. Turn off your monitor (notice how the 2nd monitor became small and grayed out):

Desktop Image 7-3-2023 1-40-59 PM-931.jpg

Voila! now after connecting to your remote PC (with monitors turned off) using Remotly software ( you can access your desktop and play all games remotely at full GPU speed!



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small addition.

It only need that your main monitor are DP connected. If you use HDMI, not need this hack.
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