Newbie Question - Connecting to remote computer (Camera)


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Hello all.

I am able to connect to another computer but the only image I see is the view that the camera on the remote system sees. I cannot figure out how to access the remote system desktop. What am I doing wrong? Is it a setting on the remote system that is wrong?


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Hi Jastanich,

Please unclick the webcam icon at the bottom of the interface.

Desktop 5-25-2023 10-51-54 PM-817.png

As you can see I have my webcam disconnected so the icon is grayed out. Yours is probably enabled. You must have pressed it by accident or something.

You can always click Ctrl+F12 to disable/enable remote webcam during connection:

Desktop 5-25-2023 10-53-57 PM-289.png

Please note that this is proof of concept and in beta stage. You can use it for monitoring purposes (I have my remote PC at home and the camera points at my pet chinchillas so I can see if they have all the food/water they need :))

In the final stage (soon) the webcam will be used for full video conferencing during connection:



I hope this helps!