Remotly PC v1.17.0 in now available for download


Staff member
Hi Everyone,

You can now update to the latest 1.17.0 version that includes:

- New 14 digit/letter Connection IDs
- Improvements for Intel, Nvidia and AMD GPUs
- Fixed problems with recovery from corrupted signal
- Video quality improvements in QuickSupport tool
- Added possibility to select specific monitor to be shared (QuickSupport)
- QuickSupport no longer allows adding devices to trusted list, each connection must be authorized (use QuickSupport for attended remote access)

Changes scheduled for v1.18.0:
- Support for TLS streaming in Connect Anywhere mode (also with custom relay servers with private SSL certificate)

Changes scheduled for v1.19.0:
- Support for multiple simultaneous connections (multiple windows/clients)

Changes scheduled for v1.20.0:
- Support for up to 4 incoming connections to one server/host