Remotly supports Linux?


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Remotly is planning support Linux Desktop distros like Teamviewer and Anydesk?
We need good a remote access application for Ubuntu.


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Hi hasanmerkit!

Thank you for asking.

Yes, please find the development roadmap below:
1. PC and Android version finish Beta stage (end of November 2022)
2. RemotlyQS (QuickSupport) tool for Windows ready (end of November 2022)
3. Web browser client allowing Linux/macOS connection to Windows PCs (end of 2022, Q1 2023)
4. Android app port to iOS (Q1 2023)
5. Servers for Linux and macOS (Q1/Q2 2023)
6. Servers for Android and iOS (Q3 2023)

Now when we have finally moved to front-end implementation in CEF we can work faster :) Porting server UI to Linux/macOS will take 1 week.
But much more work is needed to port Windows Server Core to Linux/macOS/Android/iOS

But the goal is to support any platform as server and client in 2023 (with much better quality and experience than our German competitors...)


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I forgot to mention that for Linux we are going to provide the possibility to setup users own relay transmission server (Connect Anywhere) on Linux. Using a small Raspberry Pi like device users will be able to run our Cloud instance deployment code to minimize their lag to minimum. This will work even for non-static IPs.

We will provide more details soon when it is ready for testing (Linux image download for SD card and setup instruction).